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Frequently asked Questions

How and where can I learn languages?

Enrolled students of the HSG:

-Conversation Courses

-Rosetta Stone License (60.- / 3 months)

-Self-Learning Center

Not students of the HSG:

-Regular language lessons. Please contact the Language Center for more information.

-Conversation Courses (60.- / semester)

-Rosetta Stone License. (not possible via the language center)

-Migros Club School in St. Gallen

Further questions

Media releases

"Mehrsprachige Schweizer sind gesucht"

An article about multi-lingual education and the fact, that good English skills are no sufficient diversification on the job market anymore. For more details see the German version of this page.

Frank Smith
One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.

At the Language Center, we offer professional language services for you in order to promote your language skills.

Our core task is the targeted promotion and development of competencies in language – an area that is becoming more and more significant. The Language Center of the University St.Gallen has been a professional center for language services since January 2006.

Professional Services
In the wake of internationalisation, a sound knowledge of foreign languages is becoming increasingly important. That is why we provide our clients at the university and in the region with a broad pallet of didactic and academic professional language courses in the fields of business, law and career development.

Lifelong Learning
We thus complement the languages offered by the School of Humanities & Social Sciences and promote lifelong learning and opportunities for further education in degree courses and as well as in practice.

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday, 2 pm to 6 pm